A man and a woman standing in a barn with three pieces of pressed flower art.

Hello. We are Keith + Rachel

Our pressed flower adventure started with flowers grown in our backyard urban garden here in Denver, CO. We started pressing poppies and other wildflowers and Keith learned how to make frames from scrap wood. We threw together a website, plunging ourselves into the world of wedding preservation wholly unprepared as to what our first year in business would bring.

2022 was full of many ups and downs, but ultimately our attention to detail and creativity helped us to organically morph into a business that we are really excited about.

Flower Press Studio allows us to get outside in the garden, and get more involved with a local community of makers, florists, and flower farmers to express our authenticity using organic materials grown from our mother earth.

Each year, we collaborate with beautiful, independently owned flower farms that serve their local communities. Our intentions are to bring those farms seasonal blooms to you in the form of pressed flower art.

A man and a woman smiling while riding bikes.
Keith and Rachel holding a bunch of grapes, owners of Flower Press Studio
Kieth and rachel with their cat, owners of flower press studio
Keith and Rachel on a hike, owners of Flower Press Studio

We met in the summer of 2015 where we bonded over our mutual love of hiking in the mountains. Almost all of the memories we do are together and take place in the mountains of Colorado where we have been living for the past 14 years.

Our Studio

We began pressing flowers in our Denver home within a 10' x 10' room. With two old, lunchroom style craft tables, a wire shelf, we began. Eventually we replaced the tables for standing desks to saves Keith's back. After we grew out of that, we moved to our basement which we are still working out of today. It is not glamorous by any means but it works well for us. Someday we will be have a workspace with amazing natural light. Until then, the basement dungeon will suffice. :)