Online Courses

Whether you have a small balcony garden or a full fledge backyard garden, our e-courses will give you an in depth understanding of pressing flowers the old, slow way.

Hey, thanks for being here. We are in the process of filming our first pressed flower tutorial. It's going to include instructions on how to press 30+ different types of flowers.

We are going to put together a short video of how to make your own flower press at home to send out to all of our subscribers along with a list of the tools you'll need to successfully press flowers prior to releasing this course.

We are doing our best to get this course ready, but it's definitely time consuming and this is a first for us, so we have some kinks to work out!

Thank you for your patience!

Course Series

Course No. 1: How to Press Flowers

We will show you the entire process of pressing flowers from start to finish. Our goal is to cover a multitude of techniques across a wide variety of flowers with the hope of giving you the knowledge and tools to press any flower you come across. This will be an informative course for hobbyists and professionals.

Our flowers will come from local, small flower farms and will allow us to show you how color retention and change occur, the process of caring for the flowers while they are in the press, how to properly prepare the flowers before going into the press to achieve the best possible color retention, as well as the final outcome. It will also allow us to show you “normal” outcomes and “unfortunate” outcomes.

Course No. 2: How to Press Fruits and Vegetables Mini Course

We will have a course on how we press produce. Super Fun!

You can gather produce from large grocery stores, or go to your farmer’s market. We will be getting produce from both to show you some really fun ways to add pressed veggies and fruits to your art and the tools we use for this.

Course No. 3: How to Glue + Reconstruct Flowers

This course will cover how to reconstruct certain flowers as well as the types of glue we like to use, and how to glue the flowers to make an entire piece. We will also have examples of how different glues react (browning) with flowers by allowing the glues to be set for a certain amount of days.

There are proper techniques for gluing and we want to show you the right ways and wrong to make sure you do not damage your flowers in the process.

We will also go over tips and tricks of how we keep our glass clean while gluing (good for anyone gluing flowers onto glass, but not as important if you are gluing on paper but still some things will be relevant).

We will talk about paintbrushes, very fragile flowers to glue and what to watch out for when gluing them, full cover vs. partial, and anything else to help you glue better.

Course No. 4: How to Frame

This course will show you the tips and tricks of how we frame our pieces along with where we source our glass and frames.

If you are interested in learning how to frame, I will be going over all the ins and outs.

Glass-on-glass framing, Deckled edge, archival paper mounting, and framing, Glass vs. Acrylic, UV vs. non-UV, tools we use with a limited amount of room, framing standards, and understanding the importance of miters. Frame profiles and their importance when framing large glass-on-glass pieces. Safety, strength, and aesthetics (you should have them all).