Bouquet Preservation

We really do try to create a timeless and unique piece with your bouquet (we use flowers from the bouquet, bridesmaid flowers, and table flowers).

We only accept local bouquets, meaning they need to be dropped off at our studio in Denver, CO. We also will not ship glass on glass style pieces (those will need to be picked up), but we can ship deconstructed style pieces. Please inquire with us about this as it uses a little more nontraditional shipping methods but ensures your piece arrives unscathed.

For the 2023/2024 season, we are excited to focus more of our energy on creating educational content and original botanical art prints. People have asked us for pressing tutorials to preserve their own bouquet. Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter to receive more information on online pressing tutorials and information on our print release.

Steps to Proceed

1. Are you local to Denver, CO?

In order to deliver the highest quality product we have decided to only work with local clients. Your well cared for flowers must be dropped off to our studio here in Denver, CO no more than 48 hours after your wedding.

We can not ship the glass on glass style. We are willing to ship the deconstructed style. Once you receive your piece, you will have to bring it to a frame store local to where you live in order to finish framing up the piece. This is a simple process for any professional framer and this ensures that your piece will get to you safely!

While the way we package these products is top notch, the manner in which they are handled after they are out of our possession leaves something to be desired.

2. Fill out the Google Form in this section and submit it to us.

Google Form

Once we have a conversation with you by email or phone, proceed to the next step which will be paying your deposit to secure your spot.

3. Deposit

Link is below


4. Look at Frame Styles and Design Layout

5. Confirmation of Style and Frame

We will contact you 6-8 weeks after we receive your flowers. We will talk about frames and styles and size. Once your confirmation is made, you will order that style, frame, and size.

Once we receive payment, we will order the materials needed and begin designing.

Frame Options